The other way to get treasure.

Description Edit

Touching the golden brick inside the chest makes it despawn and adds 100 treasure to the player. Treasure chests appear on the islands at random, and respawns regularly on the shore (find out how long it takes to respawn).

There is a limit of 2 treasure chests that can randomly appear on the islands at once. When a chest despawns, another chest will spawn. Every island has a potential treasure spawn point.

Trivia Edit

Sometimes the golden block gets blasted out of the chest. If it falls into the ocean, the chest will no longer despawn.

Sometimes the treasure chest will not despawn when the golden brick is touched. This makes the golden brick disappear and reappear rapidly, quickly giving the player thousands of treasure.

Golden blocks from the shore's treasure chests do not despawn when they are touched; they become invisible and don't give treasure when touched further. After enough time has passed, it will become visible again and will be able to give treasure.

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