Treasure makes the world go 'round, or at least that's what my daddy-pirate told me.

Treasure is used to spawn all ships except the Small Boat, and can be used to spawn tools from the Shop.

A player just joining the server receives 100 treasure. Treasure is received from player kills and Treasure Chests, 25 and 100 respectively. To take treasure from a Treasure Chest, the player needs to touch the yellow brick inside the chest.


  • Treasure Chests can occasionally glitch (especially if interfered with by bombs), causing them to spawn without the yellow brick inside that gives treasure or without the chest around the yellow brick. These glitches can leave a server economy crippled.
  • Another, less common glitch with Treasure Chests cause the yellow brick to spawn and despawn in rapid succession, awarding any player taking Treasure from the Chest massive amounts of Treasure.
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