(gallery of Tools in Pirate Wars, with tooltips naming them)

Tools are used by pirates to better kill one-another and to dominate the seas. In this version of Pirate Wars, the selection of tools is rather limited.

Flintlock Pistol Edit

Main article: Flintlock Pistol

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The Flintlock Pistol allows any pirate to deal ranged damage. It deals low damage and has a high rate of fire.

Sword Edit

Main article: Sword

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Just the boring old Linked Sword all ROBLOX veterans have come to know and love. As vanilla as it gets.

Bomb Edit

Main article: Bomb

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Timed explosive that dewelds all bricks within range when detonated, including the body of any unfortunately careless pirates.

Gravity Coil Edit

Main article: Gravity Coil

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Greatly increases the jump height of the pirate wielding it, and slows falls.

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