• Find causes of sinking ship.
    • Theories include:
      • Disconnected player
      • Player killed any time after buying the ship
      • set time with no triggers
      • amount of damage to ship
      • any combination of the above
    • Note that ship pieces blown onto Map Elements also despawn after that ship sinks
  • Verify that Spawning Buttons only fail to spawn when last boat spawned hasn't been sat in yet
    • Possibly only driver's seat counts towards allowing new boat to spawn
    • Possible there is a timer that allows new boat anyway, to make sure the button isn't broken if the ship is destroyed before being sat in
      • Or it could allow spawning just because there is no 'unsat in' driver's seat if the seat is destroyed
  • Finish padding out the ship infoboxes with actual information rather than strategy tips
  • Get dialogue tree template from a RPG wikia for Help Pirate and Shop Pirate
  • Interactive map
  • Gravity Coil quirks need researching
    • Flinging/interactions with bombs/flintlocks???
  • Giant Ship teleport needs definite research
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