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Vital Statistics


Name: Small Boat

Description: The workhorse of any good pirate fleet

Decks: 1

Seats: 1

Cannons: 0

Cost: 0 treasure

Overview Edit

The Small Boat is the ship for all your non-cannon pirating needs. This ship is best suited to situations outside of naval combat, be it a treasure snipe from the other team's side, or navigating from shipwreck to shipwreck for cleaning duty.

In naval combat, the Small Boat has its uses. Generally isn't well adapted to combat as it rarely takes more than one hit from a cannon to instantly destroy the ship. In its favor however, this ship is difficult to hit using 2nd or 3rd deck cannons because of its size and speed, and because of that, it can easily outmaneuver undermanned Big Ships or Giant Ships. Since it lacks the cannons take full advantage of this outmaneuvering, the Small Boat's edge is offset, leaving boarding pirates as their only real offense.

The Small Boat is marginally effective against single deck ships. By ramming into a cannon, the enemy ship cannot fire without risking blowing off the cannon in the blast. This strategy usually buys time for those on the Small Boat to board the enemy team's ship, however it can also be used as a strategy of attrition if the enemy decides to fire anyway, since you can afford to lose as many Small Boats as you like, while the enemy ship had cost precious Treasure.

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