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Vital Statistics


Name: Ship

Description: Can get the most banged up for your buck

Decks: 1

Seats: 6

Cannons: 5

Cost: 50 treasure

Overview Edit

The Ship is an awkward middle between the speedy deadliness of the Cannon Boat and the intimidating broadsides the Big Ship can boast of. It is wide but not long, giving enemy boarders plenty of space to climb on while forcing the captain to take wide turns to even aim the cannons at enemy ships.

The driver's seat is exposed, and with its awkward handling, the Ship is an ideal target for Cannon Boats to tear into, should they get into position. However, apart from a direct hit to its vulnerable driver's seat, the Ship is a surprisingly durable vehicle, taking significantly more hits than its lighter cousin the Cannon Boat or the larger and more intricately held together Big Ship, which costs twice as much. This cheap and tanky quality makes the Ship a good choice for extended boarding fights that happen over several shipwrecks, or to help corner a well-captained Cannon Boat.

The Ship is best manned with two crewmen, including the captain. The cannoneer is best placed on top of the cabin-like structure, where he can reach the forward-left and forward-right cannons, and also be in an ideal position to fight off any boarders.

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