Overview Edit

The map that Pirate Wars takes place in is made up of several map elements in fixed areas.

Islands Edit

Islands are round and are located between the two teams and the cliffs that close in the map. All islands can be reached from the cliffs, but some require use of a gravity coil.

Any island can have a Treasure Chest spawn in the center of it.

Shores Edit

Both the blue and red team have their spawn on a large strip of land,called a shore. All boat spawns, the team Shop, and the Help Pirate are also located on the Shore.

Be wary, though! The shore can be accessed from the enemy shore without using ships by walking over the cliff map-boundaries.


The map boundaries to the left and right. It is a tiered structure, with one section level with the shores, and others at increasing heights. At the top of the cliffs, there is a broad, flat area ideal for sword-fighting. It is difficult to climb the Cliffs without use of a gravity coil.


The Ocean does not interact with any brick except the bottom brick of a ship. Everything else (including players!) falls through it. At the bottom of the Ocean is a brick that despawns any falling debris and kills any player that touches it.

Bugs/Trivia Edit

  • The Ocean 'kill brick' sometimes fails, forcing ROBLOX world limits to despawn bricks/players by letting them fall to the bottom of the world.
  • Ships can become stuck inside Map Elements, because of how the bottom brick acts while turning. These ships cannot move backwards or forwards, nor can they sink. However, they will eventually despawn like any other ship, once certain conditions are met.
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