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Vital Statistics


Name: Giant Ship

Description: A wall of cannons and a forward spawn

Decks: 3

Seats: (needs research)

Cannons: (needs research)

Cost: 300 treasure

Overview Edit

This is the head honcho of ships, the king of cannons. However, it actually is very poorly suited to naval combat as it is understood for other ships. The Giant Ship is slow to turn, difficult to protect the sides (because of how high up the decks are), and it has large, flat decks for mischievous boarders to land on. All in all, it is a poor combat ship.

The Giant Ship's power is unmistakable though, its sheer wall of cannons and the forward spawn (when a Giant Ship is purchased, a button "Teleport to Giant Ship" will appear next to the purchasing button, teleporting the player to the foredeck of the Giant Ship) to keep the ship well enough crewed is impressive. Therefore, the Giant Ship is best used in an extremely passive way, to provide area denial with its fire rather than actual damage. Because of how difficult it is to protect from boarders and single-deck ships, the Giant Ship needs to be protected by smaller ships, ideally Cannon Boats.

The Giant Ship is best crewed with as many pirates as you please, with a healthy number on the second deck to fight boarders. Just remember to leave enough other pirates to crew protective ships.

Trivia Edit

  • The bottom deck isn't entirely welded correctly, and a part of the front right cannons falls off the Giant Ship shortly after spawning.
  • If another Giant Ship is spawned after another, the 'Teleport to Giant Ship' button will only take you to the more recent Giant Ship. If that is destroyed, 'Teleport to Giant Ship' will still not work for the older Giant Ship.
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