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Vital Statistics


Name: Cannon Boat

Description: Agile, Fragile, and above all, dangerous

Decks: 1

Seats: 4

Cannons: 3

Cost: 25 treasure

Overview Edit

The Cannon Boat is a mixed bag with its uses as the smallest of all the weaponized boats. This ship is in its natural state when it is on the offensive, prowling the pirate waters for careless Small Boats, engaging in brutal, coordinated combat to sink an equally well captained Cannon Boat, or finding an opportune moment to slide in behind an enemy Cannon Boat or Ship to blow off their driver's seat.

Generally, the Cannon Boat only needs its captain, because the two side cannons can be activated from the driver's seat, and the front cannon is almost as dangerous to the cannoneer as to whoever is on the other end of it. The Cannon Boat is somewhat less effective against multi-deck ships because of its limited firepower. A watchful crew on a Big Ship or Giant Ship is a Cannon Boat's worst enemy, because their deck superiority can blast the ship to pieces before it even comes in range.

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