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Tool Name: Bomb


Description: Hand-held death dealer

Damage: N/A (unwelds bodyparts, torso or head deweld is instant death)

Cost: 200 treasure

Overview Edit

The Bomb is a versatile tool for any pirate, capable of blasting ships and pirates to pieces.When a pirate left clicks with the Bomb tool selected, the bomb model in their hand will vanish and a reflective ball will spawn in front of them. This ball will explode after roughly 2 seconds, and deweld/blast apart anything within its blast radius. The bomb tool will reset after about 10 seconds.

Strategy Edit

Bombs are most effective when placed strategically on ships. Big Ships and Giant Ships are particularly weak directly underneath their driver's seat, because the enclosed space is difficult for crew to get into and defeat boarders that hole up there, because its walls let bombs placed there bounce around instead of fall overboard, and because a well placed bomb there can take up to EIGHT (with Big Ships) or TWELVE (with Giant Ships) cannons out of commission at once, while also destroying the driver's seat.

Trivia Edit

  • If a pirate is partially in the range of a bomb blast, and their torso and head are outside the bomb blast, they'll survive (though they'll lose any body parts in range of the explosion!)
  • Bombs in their shiny/countdown state are physics objects, and can be pushed around! Other physics objects (such as Flintlock Pistol bullets) can launch the Bomb any which way.
  • The Bomb is the only tool that you can kill teammates with, because its dewelding effect cannot have an anti-teamkill script
  • Like the Gravity Coil, only the first price listed by the Shop pirate is correct. It is not, as implied in the confirmation dialogue, 100 treasure.
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