Big Ship






15 (11 first deck, 4 second deck)


100 treasure

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Vital Statistics


Name: Big Ship

Description: Mobile and powerful

Decks: 2


Cannons: x (x-4 first deck, 4 second deck)

Cost: 100 treasure

Overview Edit

The Big Ship is a flexible ship, and the smaller of the two multi-decked ships. It can hang back behind the fray, covered by smaller ships so it can lay down supporting fire from its second deck cannons, should the ship be defensively played. A more bold captain might wade into the thick of things with the ship, using the second deck cannons to outrange enemies. An intelligent bold captain would also keep the lower deck well crewed to outgun anyone who manages to get in range and to dispatch any boarders.

The Big Ship can be crewed with as few as two, including the captain, but it is best to at least have three crewmembers, one to man beneath-deck cannons, one to manage the open lower deck, and the captain to take the second deck cannons.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security in your Big Ship though! The second deck isn't extremely durable, and can even detach from the ship under heavy fire. The Big Ship is especially fragile at the back, because of the small pieces that make the 'window' possible. Because of these vulnerabilities, it is important to keep enemy ships out of the first deck range whenever possible.

Trivia Edit

  • If the second deck detaches and subsequently despawns at the bottom of the ocean with the captain still seated, the ship will continue sailing in whatever direction it was.
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